Annunciation Catholic School

Annunciation Catholic School takes its name from a pivotal event in Christian history, when Gabriel was sent as a messenger to the Mother of God. We are messengers, too, charged to spread the gospel through example, prayer, and the education of our children.

Historically, Catholic schools have been the lifeblood of the Church. Catholic School education is value based, scholastically challenging and spiritually affirming. Its graduates are more likely than any other group to become leaders in their faith and to support the church financially when they are grown. Annunciation Catholic School is a legacy for our children and the future of our faith.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop the potential of every child while fostering the Christian ideals of love, witness, and service in partnership with our families and parishes.

Belief Statements 

We Believe:

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1610 Blanding Boulevard
Middleburg, FL 32068

Phone: 904-282-0504

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